Berlin is one of the few cities in the world that has both underground and major venues for the performing arts. The nightlife in Berlin is legendary and is ranked among the best in Europe. The city’s popularity is not unique but is reflected in its wealth of live music and cultural activities. Many recording artists based in Berlin have gained worldwide recognition. Vibrant venue hosting great comedy, music, drama, opera & many other performances by rising local artists.

The most prominent underground culture in Berlin is that of the Hip Hop community. Originating from the inner city of the Berlin, these rappers have gained international fame. Many clubs have sprung up in the area to promote this emerging music. The underground rappers focus their lyrics and beats towards social issues and have been accused of being drug dealers.

The underground rap scene was taken up by crews such as Akrobat, G-Bag, Tekno and others who combined different styles of underground rap. The crews were often monitored by police, which created a more dangerous atmosphere in the music. However, hip hop continues to grow with more sophistication.

Two other styles of underground music are techno and house. These styles combine elements of music such as dance, techno and classical music. The techno movement took shape in the late eighties and became popular in Germany and Scandinavia. It was influenced by the Japanese and British influenced pop. House music takes elements of pop and music from the late seventies and eighties like psychedelic and reggae.

Hip hop is an underground form of music that developed in and around the neighborhoods of Germany and Amsterdam in the early years. It became popular in the urban world with the appearance of the first hip hop clubs in the city. This style of music combines reggae, beats, rap and soul. The growth of this form of music was helped by the appearance of European DJs.

Reggae is an underground form of music that emerged in the early sixties in West Africa. It took African music and instruments and placed them into an urban context. It uses a traditional guitar and sings. gae is another form of this underground art. It grew out of traditional music, but then went on to take elements from reggae and hip hop.

Rap is an underground genre of music that emerged in the eighties and nineties. It gained popularity in the urban world during the early years of the first Gulf War. Rap includes three verses, a chorus and an instrumental. Most rapping is performed by males and this genre is widely considered to be masculine.

Urban music is also called inner urban culture or inner core. This type of music is normally identified with graffiti and drug dealing. It developed out of the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States. It is now becoming more accepted among mainstream audiences.

Hip hop is an underground of popular music that emerged from the African American and other ethnic minority cultures. It originally was focused towards African Americans in the urban area. Hip hop evolved from the same places as rap but spread into different areas including the Caribbean and other areas of the world.

Video games and computer games are also considered to be underground. These were only available on the black market but were made accessible to all within a few years. This brought about a huge increase in sales and listeners. Today, the underground is making waves in the mainstream.

Jazz is an underground art form that developed out of the early twentieth century jazz music. Jazz evolved from the European classical music and has been adopted by African American communities. It uses many instruments such as nylon stringed instruments, steel windlasses and tubular bells. This type of music was not commonly practiced in the United States. However, in the nineteen sixties and the early seventies, it was embraced by the white population. It gained popularity in cities such as New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Rap is an underground form of music that has been popular among many people for several decades. Its origin was in the inner city of the United States. It has gone through several changes and improvisations but remains very much underground. It originated from areas of East and West Baltimore, Maryland and is still used today. Other styles include gangsta rap, which was made popular in the inner city of New York, Houston and Memphis.