Visit Radio Social On Your Trip To Rochester Or United States

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Eat Me Ice Cream provides the Turkish coffee ice cream sandwich ($8), an exclusive flavor at Radio Social. Right away, the coffee lover in me knew this would please. The aroma of the strongly brewed coffee-based ice cream came through as soon as it appeared at our table. Slightly softened, the frozen blend was packed between two forgiving chocolate cookies.

The food that did make it to the guests was good. North American-based design firm Staach was approached with the opportunity to reinvent the established, twentieth-century bowling alley and turn it into a dynamic, twenty-first-century social club with a modern interior. Radio Social’s menu is perhaps one of its most surprising aspects. When you picture bowling alley food, you might picture pizza, fries and buckets of grease. You certainly don’t expect upscale Mediterranean cuisine, but Radio Social isn’t just another bowling alley.

Beyond the tastefully designed interior and bold — if pricey — cuisine, there is an undeniable energy to the place. Radio Social fills the need of a bar, a restaurant and a bowling alley but isn’t really any of those things. And while the founders of Radio Social deliberately located the establishment in the city of Rochester, having such an expensive place in a city with a median household income of $30,784 is troubling.

It combines tequila reposado — oak barrel-aged tequila — herbaceous and bitter Aperol, sweet and summery watermelon, tart lime juice and fresh mint. Plenty of time to finish 2 games and shoes and balls were provided. We took advantage of the free giant Jenga and cornhole. There were other arcade games and ping pong!!! According to their website, the duck wings are charred with red Chile-pomegranate molasses with za’atar cream. This requirement also applies to private event and gaming league guests.