The Theater Arts Department at Castleton University encourages its tightly-knit group of undergraduate students to explore all the potential avenues for artistic expression. Students have a number of opportunities for performing experience in various production settings such as: independent stage shows and musicals, stage and movie comedies, independent films and dramas, as well as many student artistic projects. Several theaters provide opportunities to study theater arts through individualized Theatre Arts programs. Each program is tailored to cater to the needs of a specific campus. Students can select a theater department that best suits their talents and interests.

If you are interested in studying acting, there is an acting program with an emphasis on performance studies. Students learn to develop their expressive abilities in all areas, ranging from character study to dramatic storytelling to physical performance. You will be exposed to all types of theatrical techniques, from complex monologues to simple one liners. The theater arts program helps students develop both their vocal and non-vocal skills by conducting script analysis workshops and practicing writing and reading.

If you enjoy performing theater arts, or wish to develop your skills, there is a wide-ranging theater arts program with a focus on theater script development and performance. Students will be exposed to various forms of drama and the contemporary entertainment industry. In addition to learning acting techniques, they will explore theories of theater design and creativity.

Students in the drama department at Castleton University enjoy participating in a multi-disciplinary drama workshop where they develop their theatrical vision through a hands-on process involving various artistic mediums. Students will work with experienced theater professionals to produce one-person and multi-actor plays, musicals, short plays, and dramatic presentations. The theater arts program also gives students the opportunity to collaborate with one another in order to find new and innovative theater production concepts that are not familiar or have not been tried before.

A theater arts program at Weber State University puts students in touch with industry veterans who can provide expert guidance and advice. They will develop an eye for finding talented individuals who are willing to work in the professional world of performing arts. Students will learn the ins and outs of Broadway, L.A. Law, corporate communications, and much more. Each semester, students will take the plunge into uncharted waters and become professional actors and actresses. Students will hone their skills while building connections and discovering their passions. Audiences flock to these professional productions because the performances are life-changing.

The University of Southern Miss has a theater and performing arts programs that focus on developing voice and film talent. Students in the performing arts education program are given the opportunity to direct and produce their own theater shows. Those who succeed in this program are given the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the field and to go on illustrious acting careers.

The College of Saint Benilde in Maine has an acclaimed performing arts program that puts students in touch with theater experts in local and international acting and directing communities. Students in the theater and performing arts program have the chance to collaborate with local and international acting firms as they complete their degrees. After graduation, students take on stage management and directing assignments where they are supervised by industry veterans. Students are also given the chance to participate in local theater festivals as well as travel abroad. Students learn the fundamentals of acting and craft their own unique styles. These programs are designed to prepare students for a lucrative career in the performing arts industry.

Students in the Master of Fine Arts in Writing program at Seton Hall University take a creative writing course that introduces students to various forms of creative writing. Students in the drama and non Drama department take a literature course that teaches them the basic techniques and methods of writing a script. Students are also exposed to a number of contemporary literature and are given the opportunity to read work by established authors from around the world. Students also get to attend a number of workshops and seminars such as the annual Connecticut Script Festival. A number of workshops provide students with script analysis and storytelling techniques.